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Work Management
& Governance
The Challenge

These are some of the challenges our customers are typically looking to address - do they sound familiar? 


  • You deliver multiple projects and change initiatives, but the tools in place are desktop based and disconnected - Excel, PowerPoint, MS Project, various file sharing methods, etc.  


  • Project planning and tracking is immature and inconsistent, with varying skill levels in the project management team. Cross-project dependencies are hard to pin down.  


  • Financial controls are not in place or high level only. The risk of project overruns is high. 

  • Your teams struggle to adopt a consistent and compliant process. You wish to improve processes for project documents, stage gate controls, risk and issue management, lessons learned and other typical governance areas. 

  • Significant time is wasted gathering data and compiling reports, which are out of date by the time they are published.  

  • There is a desire to implement new working methods such as Agile, possibly joining Agile tools that are in place already.  

How we help


We work with you to understand all aspects of your project world - current and desired process, stakeholders, maturity challenges, vision and aspirations. We help you implement PPM enterprise platforms with Microsoft Cloud and achieve full user adoption to support: 


  • Increased control and visibility of the project portfolio with auditable processes 


  • Much improved project planning and tracking, with project managers supported to achieve consistent results 


  • Enhanced resource management, avoiding wastage and delay by identifying resource over- and under-utilisation, performing easy ‘what if’ scenario analysis.  


  • Consistent risk and issue registers with visual analysis at project, programme and portfolio level.  


  • Enhanced team collaboration by allowing easy access to task assignments, document collaboration and time recording 


  • Project, programme and portfolio governance though instant rich reporting (such as consistent Project Status reports and Portfolio dashboards) 


  • Enhanced collaboration with suppliers and partners.  

It is crucial that your team is sufficiently trained and supported to fully adopt the solution. 

Power Framework provides full PPM capabilities in the Microsoft Power Platform. 


New Microsoft Planner is your modern scheduling tool!

As a specialist Microsoft PPM and Work Management partner since 2005 we can help you explore and deploy Planner successfully. Find out how we can help with all aspects of implementation.

The Result

Increased project success through repeatable mature delivery processes with efficient governance. Your PMO can focus on adding value rather than chasing project status updates and hand-cranking exec reports.  


Our experience of enabling organisations in diverse sectors and industries is unsurpassed - please see our Case Studies to find out more. 

My team is saving 40 hours a month creating reports, and management is making decisions using up-to-date data. We already consider this tool essential in supporting a common approach to project initiation and governance across the world. We’ve seen significant benefits in terms of avoiding duplication of effort and increasing the strategic value of our overall project portfolio.

Carolyn Bundey, Head of Global IT PMO


Can we tell you more?

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