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Microsoft Planner Discovery 

The new Microsoft Planner transforms work and project management, with powerful and intuitive features. Make sure you are fully briefed for your transformation journey with these workshops, delivered by experts to guide you for successful outcomes.


FREE Exec Briefing for Microsoft Planner

This workshop is for executives and technology strategists in your organisation, who wish to understand the key aspects of this exciting technology. 

Covering topics such as high level functionality, licensing, strategic fit and business value, extensibility and future roadmap, it will inform your decision making for deployment and adoption in your organisation.

This 2-hour online workshop is the most efficient way of getting your business case for Microsoft Planner off the ground.


Microsoft Planner Discovery Workshops

Gather your implementation team and envision the Microsoft Planner journey for your organisation. 

Team meeting

This set of workshops will discover background, challenges and vision of your organisation for modern work management. By understanding your current culture, processes and tools, we will jointly develop a strategic approach for modernisation with Microsoft Planner. 

The outputs and recommendations from these workshops will inform detailed plans for deployment and adoption, with everyone in the team fully on board.

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