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Knowledge Transfer
User Adoption is Everything 


Let's make sure that everyone has the right skills to perform their role using the solution that has been built for you - and fully understands the context of your process framework, too. 


We offer a number of formats for knowledge transfer and we will work with you to design the personal approach and content that is right for you. Knowledge transfer is just one aspect of assuring user adoption - find out how we can make it part of a wholistic approach to change management

Classroom Training 


Our trainers are Microsoft certified and have many years' experience of not just training the solution, but also leading implementations themselves. 


Training is delivered within your own solution environment, teaching your specific scope and way of using the tool in the context of your process.


This training event is for system administrators that will be taught to maintain the solution on a day-to day basis. This includes maintenance of the data model, views, security setting, monitoring of the job queue, troubleshooting etc.


For Project Manager roles we offer a variety of courses with templated content that we will tailor for your team, taking into account your budget, solution features deployed, prior knowledge of the team and more. Including:

  • Using Microsoft Project in a ​Project Online environment 

  • Microsoft Project Master Class


Role specific training for the Resource Manager, who we suggest should also attend the Project Manager training.


BI authors will be trained to build their own reports and dashboards, working with report templates and data models provided.

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Thanks to Program Framework’s excellent Administrator Training we learned how to generate customised templates such that Microsoft Project Online is becoming the tool set of choice for a multitude of information requirements.

Elaine Randall, Head of PMO

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Bite-size Online Training and Mentoring  


We appreciate that it is difficult to take people away from their day job for days at a time.  


An efficient approach is to combine or replace classroom training with a schedule of short online sessions, each focussed on particular subject areas. These can re-visit and deepen previous training, extend knowledge areas, respond to specific questions and even review individual projects with their owners. Ensures that your team has continued access to a highly personal means of embedding and extending their skills.

Train the Trainer   


This approach is particularly valid and cost effective for less complex functions that are rolled out to a great number of users (such as timesheet entry). We commonly teach internal trainers to provide training to the team for processes and features deployed across the whole project life cycle. 

Targeted Video   


Video is one of our favourite means of sharing knowledge. It can be fully embedded into the customer's solution ensuring that staff are prepared, trained and supported.  


Prepare and inform your staff with an upbeat promo / preview video


Role specific videos introducing relevant process and functions


Screen-recorded how-to videos with narration – supporting individual tasks

Our videos range from high quality, professionally produced content to simple screen recordings  - providing content that will be non-generic easy to consume and popular with your teams: 


  • Reduce communication, training & support costs  

  • Minimise resistance to change 

  • Standardise business practices 

  • Fit training around peoples’ day job 

  • Endlessly repeatable and available to future users of the system 

  • Measurable uptake 

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