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Power Framework Deep Dive

Thu, Nov 12, 2020 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM

Power Framework is built on the Microsoft Power Platform to rapidly deliver the foundation for your data driven PMO. This webinar will be packed with demos of features that make this solution unique.


In this 45 minute webinar we'll be discussing everything from support of processes like risk management, project financial planning, status reporting, all the way to special features like governance of Project Documents and Vendor governance.

Your Data Driven PMO on the Microsoft Power Platform

Webinar on demand

PMO's aim to create a data driven culture to support informed decision making. 

Microsoft's Power Platform has many unique capabilities  that give you the power to gather, govern and report your project and portfolio data like no other platform.

Let's drill into this and discuss:

  • Integration and automation to harvest data from disparate systems, such as project tools and financial systems

  • An efficient user experience to encourage adoption and consistent data capture

  • Encouraging collaboration though Teams integration

  • Instant governance to allow safeguarding of data quality

  • Data visibility through attractive dashboards, with self-service access and ad-hoc report authoring

  • Artificial intelligence components to maximise the value of the data.

We will demonstrate many of these exciting capabilities by example of our Power Framework solution - your ready-made PMO on the Power Platform.

Project For The Web - Latest Round-up

Webinar on demand

Late last year Microsoft released Project for the web, a new and exciting project management capability.

Since then we have seen various enhancements, and more details have been published of the roadmap for the tool. Time to take stock – let’s walk through Project for the web functionality, discuss how it fits into the landscape of Microsoft planning and work management tools, and how the tool may be extended and integrated.

We will also touch upon licensing and see what to expect for future innovation.

Demand Center: Transform Portfolio Demand Management with Microsoft Cloud

Webinar on demand

Portfolio offices often struggle to process project requests from the organisation efficiently. Too much admin overhead - and requests still fail to pass review boards due to missing information. The process takes too long and slows down the pace of transformation. 

Join this webinar to find out about our Demand Center solution template, built with Microsoft Cloud. It ensures consistent data capture, supports collaboration around requests, allows you to manage tasks and monitor performance.

Future PMO: Artificial Intelligence for PPM

Webinar on demand

Analysists agree that artificial intelligence and robotic process automation are about to revolutionize Project and Portfolio Management. We will discuss what likely applications and use cases for AI we will see in PPM. We will demonstrate some examples of amazing AI capabilities that are emerging in the Microsoft cloud platform, to provide you with a vision of the future - and discuss how to prepare for it. 

Advanced Portfolio Dependencies Management with Project Online & MasterLink

Webinar on demand

Project Online has built in features to create task dependencies across projects. But there is potential to take this to an advanced level: How about seeing all relationships in one place and being notified if anything changes? How about linking project across environments or even external tenants? How about externalising entire work packages? How about easy PMO governance of all dependency health and trends?

All this and more is possible with MasterLink, an app that delivers great benefits particularly in complex planning environments and large programmes. Join this webinar to see it at work!

Project Online in the Real World

Webinar on demand

At Program Framework we look back at a long history of Microsoft PPM implementations (see case studies here proving the point). It is fair to say that we have learned a few lessons over the years. Gero Renker as a co-founder has been there since the early days and has led and shaped projects of all sizes and sectors. He will take 45 minutes to talk about the real-world impact experienced by our customers.

If you wish to compare notes, or are preparing to write your own business case, then join us. Hear some stories from the coal-face of PPM implementation and take away what we regard as the key factors for success, regardless of sector, use case or size of organisation.

Introducing Project Online Roadmap

Webinar on demand

Roadmap allows you to pull together views of projects from multiple sources. These can be shared with stakeholders to illustrate the state of your portfolio at a glance.


Join this short webinar to learn how to activate the feature and how to create and share roadmaps. We will go through a live demo and create a roadmap with projects from both Project Online and Azure task boards. We will discuss the business value of the tool and what future enhancements we can expect from Microsoft.

Take Control of Project Portfolio Demand

Webinar on demand

Collecting project proposals and then selecting the right projects that deliver the best value can be complex - particularly if the portfolio extends across multiple corporate functions. Many organisations apply laborious Excel driven processes to prioritize and plan their project roadmap. There is a better way - could it work for you?

Join this webinar to find out how Project Online supports portfolio optimization by assessing the strategic value of significant project proposals. Its Portfolio Analytics functionality is used to model a variety of portfolio selection scenarios, supporting the executive decision process. The benefits for the process itself are manifold - transparency, stakeholder buy-in, increased efficiency. But it's the potential outcome for your organisation that makes this such an important subject - any improvement to strategic alignment can have huge business benefit.

Put An End to PPM Spreadsheet Hell with Project Online and Power BI

Webinar on demand

Microsoft Project Online certainly has the functionality and flexibility to support complex PPM scenarios. But it is also the right tool for those who need to apply a quick fix to inefficient, spreadsheet-driven processes urgently – particularly for anyone already on Office 365.


Join this webinar to find out how you can reap the benefits within weeks. You don’t need a fully defined process model in order to make a start – just determination to get off the fence and make a difference now. This webinar will tell you how, and discuss some recent customer stories to illustrate real world experiences. 

Project Online with Power BI: Rapidly deploy your own custom dashboards

Webinar on demand

This 45 minute session will explain how Power BI can access data from Project Online. We will review the standard reports available for Project Online, and see how we can rapidly customize them for our needs, by introducing our own custom data items.

We will discuss how the results are shared with the organisation. 

Join us to see how Power BI more than any other reporting tool offers the chance to get your personal reports deployed rapidly!

Project Online in a Nutshell

Webinar on demand

For anyone who wants to understand the essence of Microsoft Project Online in a hurry.


Join Gero Renker, director of Program Framework, for this fast-paced live webinar. We will summarize functional capabilities and do a high level demo, incl. Power BI standard dashboards. We will discuss the benefits of the Office 365 ecosystem and even have a word about licensing.


45 minutes well spent! 

Project Online with Power BI: Driving intelligent Portfolio Governance

Webinar on demand

This 45 minute session will explain what these solutions are and how they work together, including:  


  • High level introductions to both Project Online and Power BI solutions  

  • How to easily consume Project Online data sources in Power BI  

  • Building a dashboard and publishing it in front of your very eyes  

  • Sharing it with others inside and outside the organisation  

  • Power BI Licensing model  

  • Key benefits - why this is so different to conventional reporting solutions  


Join us to see how Power BI delivers a new dimension to information sharing, driving self-service and stakeholder engagement.

Introducing Project Online

Webinar on demand

Introducing Project Online, demonstrating its key features such as Project Register, Resource management, Risks and Issues, Project collaboration, Reporting and insight capabilities.  

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