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Arup: Global IT Portfolio Governance

Updated: Feb 18, 2023


Arup operates a global IT organisation with an ever growing portfolio of mission critical digital transformation projects. All governance and reporting processes were manual, using Excel and disconnected plans. Senior management were lacking visibility and a newly established PMO was struggling to embed consistent processes and increase maturity. Time was wasted chasing for information and creating executives reports manually.

Our Microsoft PPM Solution:

Program Framework specialists assisted in the implementation of Project Online at Arup, trained employees, and provided advice and guidance. Our Project and Program Status Reporting solution for Project Online was implemented and has transformed status reporting. Project Online is also home to the Arup IT Project Pipeline, a central “holding pen” of ideas for future development.


With Project Online, executives, project managers, and the PMO collect great ideas, launch projects, and gain instant visibility into project health. Employees have anytime, anywhere, any-device access to cloud-based project data. Arup is expanding its use of Project Online to help it handle a rising tide of IT projects.

With Program Framework's reporting solution, Arup gets instant views into the status of all IT projects. The PMO team no longer spends 40 hours every month compiling reports manually.

“By the time we created a status report, it was already out of date. With Project Online, my team is saving 40 hours a month creating reports, and management is making decisions using up-to-date data. We already consider this tool essential in supporting a common approach to project initiation and governance across the world. We’ve seen significant benefits in terms of avoiding duplication of effort and increasing the strategic value of our overall project portfolio.”
"Being able to see our entire project portfolio means that I have better insight into project delivery—Project Online supports our project delivery framework from start to finish."

Carolyn Bundey: Manager, Global IT Portfolio Management Office


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