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Business Intelligence

Unlocking the value of your PPM data

The Challenge

Gaining instant visibility of what's going on in the world of projects is a key objectives for any organisation, regardless of size, sector or use case. 

We help you create the reporting and data analytics capabilities that will enable a data driven culture.

How we help

Delivering excellent reporting is a key focus of ours - this is where a lot of your return on investment is being gained. This is reflected in the wide range of offerings we have in this space, including: 


  • Implementation of Power BI reports and dashboards, from Microsoft's own standard content pack to personalised dashboards reflecting your own specific data model, based on our ready-made templates 


  • Ready-made Excel report packs 


  • Our Status Report add-ins for easy embedded status reporting of projects and programmes 


  • Automated snapshotting of key data sets for rich historical trend reporting 


The Result

For most of our customers the instant visibility of data with reports and dashboards that can be produced instantly is a revelation. It helps to save hundreds of man hours previously spent manually collating, aggregating and distributing reports. There is huge benefit in information being available on request - rather than being published periodically and already out of date by the time it is read. Better decision making and much improved engagement of stakeholders at all levels can be the result.  


Nottingham Trent University ICT PMO experienced great success with our Project Status Report add-in combined with Power BI - see our recent case study


Watch this webinar for a discussion of Power BI capabilities and typical PPM dashboards we deliver out of the box with Power Framework, our PPM Solution on the Microsoft Power Platform.

Can we tell you more?

I’ve got Power BI on my phone and I love it.
I can tell the CEO exactly what’s going on without having to chase anyone.

The information helps with challenging my directors, exposing inaccurate project forecasting and highlighting any skills shortfalls that need to be addressed.

Andrew Clarke, CIO

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Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) Portfolio Governance

Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) commission sizable project portfolios funded by central government and other sources. Our solution supports the complete governance of all funding portfolios, delivering visibility and assurance to the central authority, its local districts and partner organisations.

We are a Microsoft Power BI Solution Partner

See our Power BI Solution Showcases on the Microsoft website

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EU Exit Project Dashboard for UK Central Government

The UK policy to leave the European Union following the referendum has resulted in over 300 workstreams to be delivered by a wide range of government departments. This dashboard provides full visibility of workstreams, their key milestones and associated data items, in accordance with reporting standards mandated by government.

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Demand Center for Project Requests

Organisations often struggle to process project or investment requests efficiently. The Demand Center solution ensures that requests are captured consistently, associated tasks are monitored and approvers are alerted. With these dashboards the Portfolio Office has visibility to expedite the process and prioritise requests effectively.

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