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Resource Management
The Challenge

If you are like most of our customers then resource constraints are the primary limiting factor for throughput of your projects.  


  • You may be operating complex spreadsheets to try and keep control of resource demand and supply, but they are a nightmare to maintain and don't reflect reality 


  • Resource meetings suffer from lack of information to support decision making 


  • Actual time worked is not recorded, making it hard to review actual against planned effort and learn lessons for future effort estimates 


  • It is hard to explain to stakeholders what everyone is working on and why we are so busy  

How we help

We help you implement resource management features with Microsoft cloud services - such as Power Framework, our PPM solution in the Power Platform, in combination with Microsoft Project tools. Carefully consideration will be given to the level of process and planning maturity in your team.


Resource management has many facets - some of them require considerable data quality to make them work, so this is a journey of increasing maturity over time. As ever, it is crucial that your team is sufficiently trained and supported to fully adopt the solution. 

The Result

Certain aspects of Resource Management don't come easy. With our help you will understand the options and decide on a sensible approach that is right for you.


Benefits range from visibility of overall team loading within a given period (relatively easy) to clarity of task level demand for individuals on a particular day (relatively hard). 


Our experience of enabling organisations in diverse sectors and industries is unsurpassed - please see our Case Studies to find out more. 

Can we tell you more?

We now have a resource centre view we could not have even dreamed of before – by project, period, duration, team, and availability. On receiving resource requests Resource Owners only have to look at an automatically generated graph in Microsoft Project Online in order to make a decision.

Chris Ward, Head of PMO

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