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Change Management
Transforming your PMO or project organisation is not a technology deployment or IT exercise, it's a people exercise 


To really change the way your work and adopt the tools, it's important to embrace cultural transformation from the top and support the behavioural shifts that are needed to bring about lasting change. 


We design and lead change programmes, using approaches defined by the Prosci® Change Management methodology.


Prosci are a global leader in change management research and methods and provide a certification route to ensure practitioners are equipped to undertake complex change programmes. Our certified change practitioners will work alongside your business change team in an advisory role, bringing significant contextual experience of the PPM change journey.

Key aspects of our approach are:  


At the outset of the project we conduct a Prepare for Change workshop, which will initiate change management. Based on its findings we will work with you to develop the change strategy that is right for you, organise the change team and assess sponsorship. 


As we start to develop the solution for a Pilot deployment, we will work with you to develop a change plan and assist its implementation. This will include communications, coaching, knowledge transfer, working with sponsors and dealing with resistance. 


Re-enforcing change will be particularly relevant to deployment stages when the solution is being scaled up and scaled out to wider audiences. We will work with you to create formal approaches to collecting and analysing feedback, diagnosing gaps and managing resistance, implementing corrective actions and celebrating successes. 


It is well documented that insufficient focus on change management in complex projects is a significant risk to project success. User adoption is everything - and investing in an intentional change management approach pays off!    

Talk to us and let's discuss the change journey that will deliver your own project success. 

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