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Safety Critical Construction

Updated: May 19, 2018


A subcontractor for Crossrail and other safety critical projects required a central planning and resource management system, customized for various divisions. A variety of manual and inefficient processes needed to be automated. There was significant non-compliance risk for health & safety which needed to be addressed.

Our Microsoft PPM Solution:

The solution centres around a configured project register with resource pool and job costing. A variety of custom extensions were implement within SharePoint project sites, such as Job number creation, site permit and licenses processing, health and safety notifications to crews, vehicle asset register, work instructions and job sheet distribution, as well as project documents register.


The solution has unified processes for project planners. Content that used to be spread across disparate systems and Excel files is now all in one place, providing instant visibility.

The operation has significantly reduced the risk of Health & Safety non-compliance:

  • H&S notifications are communicated reliably

  • Permits to work are registered against projects, their expiry is visible

  • Resource qualifications and permits are better controlled

Significant time savings are being made through automated job sheet printing and other process automation. Documentation standards are enforced, with document templates easily available to all who need them.


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