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Everything you need for Microsoft Project success! 

Microsoft Project is what we do - our experience of implementing Project solutions is unsurpassed, as proven by our case studies. We can help you with initial briefings and great value solution templates to full customisation, integrations, training and support. 

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Our Microsoft Project services:


Be fully briefed and get rapit prototype deployement

Enhance and Extend

Services to help you customize and extend PPM capabilities to your exact needs

Knowledge Transfer

Training your project managers, PMO, report authors - assuring full adoption


Full helpdesk support for complete piece of mind

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Extend Microsoft Project with add-on products:

FREE Enhanced Accelerator

Significant value added to Microsoft's standard Accelerator solution!

Finance Tracker

Add time-phased financial data and reporting to your Project solution

Snapshot History

Take regular snapshots and report on trends

Power Framework

Extend Microsoft Project to full PPM capability 

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