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Tempus Resource

It doesn’t matter what sector you work in, every company strives for effective resource management. Using available resources in the most efficient way possible is of prime importance. Most organisations we talk to struggle with the challenges of matching their available resources to the demands of current and future projects. Everyone needs to find answers to questions such as:
  • How should I schedule my projects in order to maximise resource utilisation?
  • What is the impact of prioritising a new urgent project?
  • Are there any resources (individuals, roles or teams) that are under- or over-utilised?
  • How can I easily simulate different scenarios, figure out the optimum approach and then communicate this to my stakeholders?
There has never been a tool that specifically helps us with these issues – until now:

Resource Management with Tempus Resource

Tempus Resource is designed to allow easy simulation on project and resource data. This data can be live from Project Portfolio Management (PPM) systems such as Microsoft Project Server or Project Online, or it can be captured directly in Tempus Resource itself if you wish to use it stand-alone.
The solution assembles all of your PPM data into a virtual reality where projects can be stretched, moved, expanded, contracted or re-juggled. The tool will keep a full history of any changes you make and let you undo them at will.  You can take snapshots of your model, alter its setup and then review your simulations using powerful reports and dashboards. On top of it all, Tempus Resource includes an optimisation engine that can run millions of simulations to provide you with recommendations.
You don’t need to be an expert to use Tempus Resource. In one hour you can be working to analyse and model your own resource management portfolio.  

See the impact of your ‘what if’ simulation instantly

You can easily simulate scheduling scenarios such as pulling projects forward or delaying them, slowing them down or accelerating their delivery – or stopping them altogether. You can also simulate modifications to your resource pool – this may include changes to the assumed efficiency of resources, headcount increase or reduction, or re-allocating work between resources.
At all times, you can instantly see the impact of your simulation. Powerful dashboards with drill down capabilities will provide summary statistics outlining the quality of your model. A scoring mechanism will tell you if you are actually improving.

Try it out!

At Program Framework we are able to offer a free trial of Tempus Resource – rapidly deployed as a cloud service. We’ll give you a chance to experience first-hand the power of this resource management tool without any commitment. 

The UK’s only partner 

Program Framework is the sole UK partner for ProSymmetry, and is proud to offer their products alongside the Microsoft enterprise suite. We are able to deliver Tempus Resource as an on premise deployment within your own data centre or as a cloud service.
To see how Tempus Resource can enrich your resource management experience, get in touch and speak to one of our expert consultants today – 08000 74 29 29.
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